Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E)

Achieve the perfect balance between quality and price thanks to our global network of trusted Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) suppliers

Our services usually start with creating a detailed, itemized budget, so all parties know each item's specifics from initial specification to purchase order. When bidding for products, we identify the right sources at the appropriate quality level of the project to obtain the best possible pricing.

We then coordinate the sampling, approval and expedite the process, typically in short time frames to prepare the model room for review. In order to reduce risks, we do quality checks by utilizing qualified 3rd party inspectors directly at the manufacturer before any shipments are made. Working with installation experts, HSME oversees the receipt, redelivery, staging, and installation of all FF&E and OS&E. We appoint an experienced project manager 24/7 to overlook every project we take on board, ensuring that our projects are executed within the critical time schedule. We put the highest importance on rigid quality control of our products on-site in the manufacturing countries.

Design, Development & Planning

In FF&E procurement, the planning process begins with understanding your precise needs and goals. Our team doesn't just think in numbers. They consider design intent, styling and operator standards. The structure of the procurement process is based on both qualitative and quantitative reviews. It includes a comprehensive budget framework designed to minimize total cost.


Once a purchasing policy and delivery timetable is agreed, we utilize our trusted local network of suppliers to identify suitable supply sources. We then begin to negotiate the best possible conditions on your behalf.

The next stage in the procurement process is establishing purchasing priorities. Our specialist team conducts many checks to ensure that the terms of tender, warranties and safety certifications are all met.

Installation & Handover

Our FF&E process is only successfully completed when your goods are on-sixte, installed and in full working order. Our comprehensive handover service ensures installation is completed to your satisfaction. This also involves the collation of all warranties, safety certificates and service agreement documents.

The final handover phase sees our procurement specialists assess and compare invoices against purchase orders, approve payments to suppliers and provide a final budget overview, which details your cost-savings.